Monday, October 3, 2011

Mountain Biking/PAGE AIN"T PHOENIX!

Yeah I know. But I couldn't very well put Page's Rim View Trail in my Utah blog. So I didn't have anywhere else to mention this great municipally run loop, which I like just as well as Phoenix's city mountain biking trails. I did get lost on the south end of this (east-to-west segment), but it was probably my fault.
I have read distances for this trail ranging from 7 to 8 miles, but our tripodometer counted more like eleven (allow 2 hours) for the entire loop. We started at the Nature Trail at the end of N. Navaho Dr. The trail head is just north of Lake View Elementary School. There are several other access points.
Upon entering the Rim View Trail we traveled clockwise for the entire loop. This trail is open to various recreationalists. Be careful of hikers and joggers. Upon entering the loop the directions are west to east, north to south, east to west, south to north, and finishing again west to east.
The hardest section is the north-to-south segment, which starts maybe 1 1/2 miles into the ride, from where we started. This section tests all of my 60-year-old skills and is at the upper edge of my abilities. I was on my bike most of the time, but the single-track is challenging. (Almost the entire loop is single-track.) The easiest section is the south-to-north one, which travels through several golf courses. That was queer, but this section is nice and fast. Don't yell on the golfer's backswing! The most scenic sections are the west-to-east and north-to-south (except for the power company's smoke stacks). These have good Lake Powell and other geologic views.
ANYWAY, VERY NICE! It was more challenging than I had anticipated also. Like in Phoenix, some days are too hot to ride here.

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